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Life in the Fastener Lane began for Cavalier Bolt and Nut, Inc. in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1980 with the company’s inception as a manufacturer of industrial stud bolts. The plan at that time was to service the energy industries with quick deliveries which the Company did successfully for the next several years. As time went on, the company expanded its manufacturing of continuous thread studs for anti-corrosive and general purpose fastener applications using “CAV” as its manufacturer’s identification mark on their studs. In 1986, when the company operated in two warehouses and required additional space, it moved into a larger facility. Cavalier continued its growth with the addition of threading and manufacturing equipment for the production of standard and specialty engineered studs. In the additional space, the Company continued to manufacture studs and added inventory to serve in the local area as a general purpose fastener distributor. In the late 1990s, Cavalier Bolt and Nut, Inc. implemented a Quality Assurance program and expanded its threading capabilities to manufacture threads on parts other than industrial studs. With these new products and value-added services, the Company changed its name to Cavalier Industrial Specialties.

Today, Cavalier operates in a 26,500 square foot facility under a quality assurance system that is in compliance with Mil-Q-9858. The Company’s goal is to provide their products and services for those “impossible” situations on a 24-7 basis. Cavalier is supported by a sales staff with 128 combined years of fastener experience. Their production staff is skilled and quality-driven in the processes of cut threading, roll threading, and single point threading to produce industrial threads on bolts and studs as well as on parts other than fasteners. Their expertise includes parts such as castings, forgings, machined parts, pipe and rebar. The company is accustomed to manufacturing threads on a variety of materials including alloy steels, stainless steels, nonferrous metals and carbon steels. Additionally, Cavalier supports industry by offering its customers their secondary operations such as metal cutting, chamfering, metal marking, deburring, and vibratory finishing.

The heart of Cavalier is its people. Everyone from management, sales, production, and shipping works as a team with a commitment to provide the best possible service. For sales inquires, phone 713-983-0055, fax 713-983-0058 or email: .

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